Emidio Battipaglia
“[Photography] lies instinctively, lies because its nature does not allow it to do anything else.”- J. Fontcuberta
14 Mar, 2017

Africa Inside

Today I had a wee talk with Alexander Supartono. To whom is not familiar with postcolonial photography, Alex is author of numerous art and photography essays and reviews, working on the historical and cultural (re)contextualization of photographic representations of the Sugar Industry in Colonial Java. He is also a board member of the Punctum magazine and online journal Trans Asia Photography Review. He is co-curator for Singapore International Photography Festival. As my ongoing project focuses around the representation of otherness, Alex lend me Africa Inside, an exhibition catalog curated by Wim Melis.

6 Mar, 2017

The Alien Immigrant: with Map and Numerous Illustrations from Author’s Photographs (1903)

Major Sir William Eden Evans Gordon (8 August 1857 – 31 October 1913), was a British Member of Parliament who extensively served as a military diplomat in India. His career as a political officer often mixed administrative business and foreign politics. In 1900 Evans Gordon returned to Britain and was elected Conservative Party MP for […]